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Welcome to the South Carolina Dance Company of Lexington, SC

South Carolina Dance Company of Lexington SC is now accepting registration for the 2014-2015 dance classes

Danyele B. Gardner, Owner and Artistic Director, and the talented staff of South Carolina Dance Company of Lexington, SC, are pleased to announce the 2014 FALL DANCE CLASS SCHEDULE.  Simply click on this link SCDC ONLINE REGISTRATION to set up an online account with our secure, cloud-based software program.

You may now register online for these Fall Classes thru our PARENT PORTAL.

To register, please log in to your parent portal account, click on the enroll tab, and choose the 2014 Fall Session. All of our available classes will be listed. Once a classes are full, it will be closed. Many of these classes will fill up quickly so please don’t wait to register!!

How do I set up an online account to register my child for dance classes at SCDC?

If you are a new family to SCDC or do not have access to our ONLINE PARENT PORTAL, then please click on the link SCDC ONLINE REGISTRATION to set up an online account with our new software program.  ALL SCDC FAMILIES ARE REQUIRED TO USE THIS FREE SERVICE. Once you have completed the one time registration process, simply follow the onscreen instructions that will assist you in creating a password that will grant you access to the SCDC online parent portal. Once you have established access to the Parent Portal, you can pay your tuition online, add or cancel classes, sign up for special events, and access other features offered through the Parent Portal. We are working hard to make this transition as seamless as possible, so please be patient, and If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our SCDC office staff to better assist you.



Join SCDC staff, students, and parents for our annual Fall Open House



Voted best dance studio in Lexington SC 2011South Carolina Dance Company of Lexington SC, voted best dance studio in the midlands

SCDC Fall classes begin August 8th, 2014!    We look forward to seeing you soon!  Please fell free to contact the SCDC staff with any questions AND please register as soon as possible as classes are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Thank you for your business and we look forward to having your family at our studio this Fall 2014!

SCDC prides itself on being the most professional dance studio located in Lexington, South Carolina. Our studio provides a happy, healthy, and nurturing atmosphere in which children, young teens, and adults can develop a strong technical dance background as well as experience the creativity of the arts.  SCDC’s owner and artistic director, Danyele Gardner, has created an award winning dance studio that is helping children become the best they can be by empowering them to be goal-oriented and disciplined learners through SCDC’s dance and performing-arts curriculum. At SCDC, It is our vision and company mission to give our students not only quality dance instruction, including various exposures to world famous guest dance artists,but to teach life skills that prepare them for real world experiences.  South Carolina Dance Company’s dance programs enhance our student’s lives by providing leadership and team-work opportunities, a positive-attitude approach to dancing and life challenges, productive work-ethic skills, and community service learning experiences. These developmental attributes are consistently incorporated into our dance classes.  We believe this gives our students strengthened self-esteem and self-confidence values, and  as a result, our students learn through dance that hard work, practice, and discipline give them the tools that are necessary to experience success in all aspects of their lives.South Carolina Dance Company is Voted Best Dance Studio in the Midlands by The State Newspaper for 2010

South Carolina Dance Company is Voted BEST DANCE STUDIO IN THE MIDLANDS by The State Newspaper for 2010, 2011, and is voted BEST DANCE STUDIO IN LEXINGTON by Lexington Life Magazine for 2011.

SCDC is celebrating it’s 7th year of providing the Lexington, SC and the Greater Columbia, SC area with the best instruction and atmosphere for dance education, and The State newspaper and it’s readers have awarded SCDC with THE READER’S CHOICE AWARD FOR 2010 and 2011. In addition, South Carolina Dance Company earned THE BEST OF LEXINGTON SC AWARD FOR 2011 by the readers of Lexington Life Magazine.  If you are interested in learning more about why SCDC has been voted the best dance studio in the Midlands and Lexington SC, please CONTACT US today to see why we are the fastest growing and most talked about dance studio in the midlands.  Thank you Lexington, SC and Greater Columbia, SC area families for voting us The BEST DANCE STUDIO 2010 and 2011!!

South Carolina Dance Company Offers Classes in the Following Dance Disciplines:

SCDC prides itself on being the most professional dance studio located in Lexington, South Carolina.

  • Jazz – Essential foundation for all dance movement and enables a dancer to focus on the stylistic and performance aspects of dance.
  • Tap and Clogging – A style of American theatrical dance using precise rhythmical patterns of foot movement and audible foot tapping.
  • Pre-School and Terrific 2′s – Classes include stretching, dance games, use of props, theater games, songs, ballet fundamentals, and tap with a creative approach and lots of imagery.
  • Ballet and Pointe – Ballet, notable for its techniques, such as pointe work, turn-out of the legs; its graceful, flowing, precise movements; and its ethereal qualities.
  • Lyrical, Praise and Worship – Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz techniques. It is a very passionate and emotional style of dance. It portrays emotions such as love, and tells a story through every movement made.
  • Hip-Hop – As hip hop dancing is such a broad genre, the teacher has much freedom and room for personal interpretation, and often mixes various styles freely, even mixing them with other dance forms such as jazz.
  • Clogging – Clogging is a form of Tap dance, but is characterized by it’s prevalence as an American-folk style dance.  Clog is unique in it’s stomping, double time steps, and the body of a clog dancer is typically held stiff and upright, in an up and down motion.

South Carolina Dance Company is a Place of Learning, Much Like an Academic School.

We take pride in our students’ progress and strive to promote self-confidence, teamwork, and a positive self-image in a happy and fun environment. Our mission is to create responsible, motivated, and positive individuals. South Carolina Dance Company is based on the philosophy that students should experience dance by developing balance, control, posture, flexibility, focus and fine-tuned listening skills. Dance inherently involves problem solving, pattern, and sequencing. As such, it enhances a higher level of thinking abilities. Excellent training in dance technique, teamwork, and performance quality promotes self-confidence, creativity and a sense of exuberance in accomplishment. Our mission is to train students to minister throughout the city, state and the world by using the ARTS as a tool to share God’s love. Our love is generated with honesty and integrity.

South Carolina Dance Company Values Every Student and Family.

We are committed to treating students and families with the highest level of professionalism, respect, and courtesy. We encourage you to let us know at anytime if we are not meeting your expectations or providing you with the level of services you desire. SCDC teachers have Christian beliefs and support comes from the staff through prayer and ministry by guiding students (young and old). Our goal is to provide each dancer the opportunity to grow and learn in all disciplines of the performing arts while providing a safe, happy, and nurturing environment with Christian staff members. South Carolina Dance Company strives to be the BEST DANCE STUDIO IN THE MIDLANDS! Join South Carolina Dance Company Today!Check Out South Carolina Dance Company on Facebook!